Who We Are

The OUFC club mission statement is “To enable every football player to reach his or her full potential within our community-based club, whilst also ensuring an enjoyable, sustainable and structured pathway for all Otford players”

Player development is our number one priority, not winning.

We want to retain footballers at OUFC through to under 18s and provide a sustainable link from youth to adult football.

Our coaches will ensure players get equal game time through the FA “mini soccer” phase.


How We Play

Aim to demonstrate possession, intelligently selecting the right moments to progress the play and penetrate the opposition.

Aim to regain possession intelligently and as early as efficiently possible.

Aim to sense changing moments in the game both in and out of possession, reacting instinctively and intelligently.

Maintain and enhance our reputation as a club that gives 100% both on and off the pitch, and fully respects opponents, supporters, coaches and officials.


How We Coach

70% ball rolling time.

Training sessions are progressive and challenging.

Recognise effort and decision making and not just positive outcomes.

Through the younger ages appropriate emphasis will be placed on FUNdamentals.